Dear Dad. It’s today I remember our celebration of your life.

Dear Dad,

Today is the day I remember we celebrated your life well lived and your life well loved.

It’s 3 years since we came together, sang your praises and then 15 bottles of Prosecco later when the family had returned home, I tidied up, and Mum, my brother and I talked about you

I would to think it rather apt that the 20th of October was Granny’s birthday. Your Mum’s birthday. How fitting it is for her to receive you into heaven on her birthday. What a gift. (I know the 5th October was a day of catching up with everyone.)

I can’t help but cry as I type this. I miss you so much. Grief will never go away. You are in my heart. Your heart beats in mine as it gave me life with that first heart beat.

Mum came to the concert I sang at last night and there were so many songs for you. There are still some songs I cannot sing yet and not sure when I will be able to again. We came home and talked about how much we knew you had enjoyed the concert.

Here’s to you, Dad. Mum and I will raise a glass or two of fizz to you with all our love.

All my love,

Rachel xxxxx