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It’s February. A great selection of ORRsome blog posts hitting the timelines.

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February highlights 2015


It’s the end of February with half term in the middle. That’s always one of the best things about February!

What has this month brought for you?

Having seen in the first of February either side of an engagement party, it’s hard to believe it also marks the half way point in a school year.

Week one:-
Although we seemed to have several days starting with a heavy frost and temperatures of 2 degrees and below, the first week didn’t see the snows everyone thought we’d see. I seemed to encounter mORR snow at school, 30 miles away, compared to home. A strange feeling leaving home with glORRious sunshine and arriving at school needing to change from heels to purple wellies upon arrival.


At Easter we say farewell to a teacher who has been with us for a long time. As she retires I feel saddened but also excited as we welcome a new teacher in her first year to our staff team. Having had the privilege of being in her classroom in this first week, it’s great to see excitement, engagement and enthusiasm from new teachers. I’m in my 24th year of teaching which is now MORR than half my lifetime. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else and that was reaffirmed even mORR through teaching SCITT students.

Week two:-
Our toilet refurbishment is well on the way and phase one should be finished by the end of half term.



The ceilings are going in and most of the new electrics are completed.



We’ve been using our school facebook page to keep parents up to date with sneaky peeks of the changes as they happen.

The final family lunches took place this week and the feedback from our families has been amazing. Our two cooks worked hard shifts to manage 7 family lunches in total. They really are a credit to our school.

Of course,

It wouldn’t be February if the odd pair of heels didn’t appear.

Spots before your eyes!


Week three:-
This week sees half term mark the halfway point in the academic year.

It dawns on me that this also marks the fact I’ve been in my current headship for 18 months. The time has flown by. It feels longer in a good way. I suppose having been interviewed in March 2013 and then having regular contact with the school daily and weekly through the acting head (my current DHT), it feels as though our staff team have been established for two years instead. It seems strange that red letter days stick in your mind and as we head towards March, the 5th is one of those days – the day I visited the school and spent 3 hours looking around and teasing out lots of information from the previous HT before making the decision to apply.

My mission for half term was a bit of an OCD moment. During the busyness of a term, things (shoes, clothes, kitchen stuff etc…) can simply be shoved into the cupboards left right and centre. My mission, and I did choose to take it, was to empty every drawer, cupboard, shelf and wardrobe in every room, sort the wheat from the chaff, clean and then return everything but in a mORR ORRderly fashion. Very much ORRderly in line with my OCD tendencies. If I were really badly OCD then it would be in alphabetical ORRder and be CDO!!!

I managed it and have no fear of anyone rifling through any of my drawers!

I invested in a slow cooker at the start of the holidays and what a find! It had to be red!



I now have a freezer full of soups, chillies, curries and casseroles – good food but fast. Have even been able to add to my parents’ freezer to keep them going during the cold snap.

Week four:-
The final week saw the start of the week unveiling the first phase of toilets for the children. Their comments were amazing. I only had one reminder to give them – use the flush now that everyone can reach it!






During the last week I spent a fabulous day at Bishopthorpe Palace in York looking at creative ways in which to develop collective worship in our school. A thought provoking day leaving me with my head buzzing with ideas to take it fORRward.

We also invited a Lend Me Your Literacy into school and had a great meeting with David and members of my staff team.

And as the month comes to a close with a few little extras added to the wardrobe of accessories (handbags), I am always reminded of The ImpORRtance of being Ernest!

It’s March tomorrow.

I wonder what this month will bring?

Have a great one.