Dear Dad, I have exciting news to share with you!

Dear Dad,

When we last chatted I had started 2018 heading in a new direction. I have been teaching music and singing to children in a local school where there are high levels of deprivation.

Yesterday we (reception children and I) milked a cow, sold a cow for magic beans, climbed a beanstalk, nicked a chicken and a egg – still not really sure which came first? Oh, and there was a harp to boot, too. I wasn’t so keen on the boots, even though I love my footwear. We found the axe came in handy once we were all back on terra firma.

Today we were superheroes. I, naturally, was SHOEper Woman. Although Superman feels at home sporting his briefs on top of his lycra, I tend to wear my lycra hidden as that is equally a purpose it serves; to hide a multitude of goodness knows what. It was gratifying to find my own way of allowing SHOEper Woman her own style.

I have been very privileged to deliver training across a variety of school recently and will continue to do just that. My 26+ years will not stand still as there is so much to share, give away and definitely even more to magpie and learn.

I have some home tuition and work with some amazing kids. It’s great when their parents tell you they view the sessions as part of their out of school activities rather than school work. We use beach balls, foam dice, spelling bombs, Twister and a whole host of pretty ORRsome stuff to create the hook for learning. I recently qualified as a mental health first aider and am working with a local school shortly.

So, I hear you ask me. What’s the big news?

Firstly, I will always keep my promise to you to look after Mum. My exciting news ensures I can not only keep my promise but so much more.

In May I shall take up a new post with Teach First. My love of education is and has always remained firmly rooted in teaching and learning. My new role will also be a new role in the North East for Teach First as the EYFS Participant Development Lead. I shall be working a set number of days each week allowing me to continue to spend time with Mum, write and pick and choose consultancy work.

The early years for our children is where the magic begins and I want to make sure the magic multiplies, becomes infectious and we spread a love of learning, curiosity, exploration, investigation and simply just poking around.

Here’s to teaching and learning, Dad.

With all my love,

Rachel x


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