Last year I didn’t write a typical nurture post and won’t again this year.


If what I wanted to happen, happened, then that’s great.

If there is anything I have learned year upon year, it’s to keep it simple and focused. Too many things can take over and the trivium can supersede what really matters in both home and worklife.


This new year will be a time of letting go and not doing what is generally expected of me. By that, I think it’s my own perception of what I think people expect of me which is entirely my own fault.

2015 highlights were simply my Dad’s 90th birthday, what an innings! Could you want MORR than that?


Work can take over and become focused on too many bitty things when only a few simple/main areas really matter. Getting the best for kids whatever it takes. Isn’t that simply school improvement? Perhaps I have been too bogged down by a building that will finish me off because it is not fit for purpose for learning that makes a real difference for the kids in my care.



I await to hear from Bloomsbury Books to see whether they’d like me to write the book for which they have invited me to draft a proposal.

I await to hear from my great friend Jez Rose as to his joint book proposal.

I look forward to singing and learning new material.

My parents will have their 50th wedding anniversary in July, God willing and that will be the highlight of the summer. 50 golden balloons to blow up using my own lung power. A lot easier than the 90 red ones I did for Dad’s 90th!

I can’t wait for the spring to see all the spring bulbs I planted in September poke their heads through the earth.

This is my own personal development/improvement plan – keep the main thing the main thing and keep life simple. There are too many things that will be batter my way on top of the simplicity so some things will have to give.


It has been my own ego that has kept certain blog posts going and I have to be honest, they do become a chORR if you know you have to rather than want to. ORRsome blog posts have run their course for over two years. I don’t think the bloggers I promote have ever needed me as they have such a great following. My own personal monthly highlights don’t need to happen monthly. They only need to happen when I have something to share. Watch this space.

I still do love the enjoyment of something every day that gives me a buzz and hopefully others a buzz.

Therefore, the new daily blog post for 2016 is simply called, ‘You can do it!’. It will be something daily that keeps you going and affirms how great you are and that you simply CAN!

Monday will always be a day of positivity and for 52 Mondays, you will either love it hate it, just like Marmite.


It amuses me when we are asked about age that we generally say how old we will be next birthday as opposed to how old we are now.

Once 2016 hits I shall be saying I’m 50 next year!

Life is for living.

Work to live!

Keep it simple.

Love life.

Love family.

Be you.

Be all you can be!


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