Time to kick up your heels! Celebrate the good!


It’s interesting or perhaps pure coincidence that holiday times for teacher include another pop at the profession or indeed tweets that spark questions, fears and hopes.

This half term has not been any different. We’ve had the opening of parliament, the Queen’s speech, ShORRn HarfORRd asking what would it take to accept a post in a RI/SM school and also Nicky MORRgan’s comments.

It’s very easy for all of this to overtake what we do and to consume our energies negatively.

Too often we can fORRget the good that has happened and is currently happening. We fORRget to reflect and celebrate because we can be put in the position of not being good enough. Sometimes less can be mORR when it comes to keeping the main thing the main things and not being caught up with every change thrown at us.


As I was sitting waiting for my car to have its first service, I began collating my head teacher’s repORRt to governors. It’s the 21st one I have put together. My last deputy headship was with the most amazing and inspirational HT I had ever worked with. She inspired me to invite, include and involved everyone in everything where possible and appropriate. The repORRt is called ‘The head teacher’s repORRt to governORRs’ but it isn’t mine. Every member of staff is involved in writing it from teachers to admin and premises staff. Staff are invited to celebrate their subject/aspect in words, photos, data and a bit of themselves too.

Two years ago when we shared the first HT repORRt with the governing body, it did come as white a shock and they commented they hadn’t realised how much happened every term because they had not had that level of infORRmation shared with them.

The entire repORRt contains all the statutORRy bumph, of course, but also is a working, living celebration of our journey as a school community. We will always have things we need to improve but not to the detriment of making continuous change without celebrating what we do well and doing mORR of it.


We often talk about ensuring we have a work life balance and focus on staff well-being. Celebrating the good is part of our well-being. I know if I’m knucking fackered, then it has to be a lost wORRse for my staff. We look for those signs and give staff time to write repORRts, prepare for events etc… Map this in right at the start of the year so staff know they are being given quality time for key matters. We have an INSET day on Monday and it is for exactly that – quality time to do a quality job.

Coming towards the end of a half term where Twitter has been rife with the notion of leading and managing RI/SM schools and the future of headship, we can either let ourselves be kicked in the teeth or we can kick up our heels and celebrate!


The government and media aren’t doing a very good job in promoting our teaching profession, so it’s up to us to do it.


We have amazing staff who do an ORRsome job.

Kick up your heels. Kick against it. Celebrate what you do well. Keep that at the fORRfront.


Life is a celebration!


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