Day 365 of 365 2 years in song! Teachmeet, the opera album!

Today marks two years of posting something on my blog every day – 730 consecutive days.

Not only have there been regular daily posts, three weekly ones too, but also those little extras at the seasonal time of year, namely 12 sparkly heels and my support for The Florin Street Band 100 days leading up to Christmas.

With all of these little extras, this post clocks up 916 posts in two years.

In amongst all of this have been several teachmeets and conferences. What has been particularly special is being invited to ‘write a squawk’ for several of these occasions.

Below is a copy of every song shared at a teachmeet, a conference or through another’s blog.

I look fORRward to writing something for NORRthern Rocks 15 again this year – already have an idea in mind.

I’ve had the privilege of working with several folk on Twitter reviewing book proposals, writing reviews for books avout to be published as well as being able to be an ear supporting leadership, teaching and learning as well as being there.

Here’s to a happy new year for you all and I’ll see you shORRtly!

After two whole years of posting a little something every single day, several topics have found themselves posted as a song. Here’s the entire collection over the last two years.

What is a teachmeet?

Top ten blogs +

92 people to follow on Twitter

The OFSTED aria

Pedagoo Sunshine

Auld Lang Ofsted

An ode to all head teachers

12 shoes of Christmas

12 days of Christmas my head teacher gave to me

Farewell Bev Evans

Here’s to teaching and learning

Education alphabet

Here’s to leadership

While teachers marked their books

Digitally confident

Twas the night befORR Christmas

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