A week in my shoes 18th-24th October 2014

It’s Friday!

We made it!

For the majority of us it’s also the start of half term.


What has this week brought you and what are you looking fORRward to over half term?


I had the privilege of being guest soloist for Sunderland Symphony Orchestra in Saturday evening at their Promenade Evening.

Amazing evening.

Beautiful flowers.



Lovely day with children talking about favourite songs as well as thoughts about how they will be spending half term.


Wonderful singing in our school church today. Such a reverent setting full of joy and peace.


Exciting to be invited to present and sing at a Teachmeet as well as a conference. But overwhelmed.



Brilliant evening with staff blitzing school. No mORR teaspoons dropped in the sink? I wish. I’ll watch this space.


Kids always bring you down to earth whatever the day brings.

ORRsome moments. Can’t be beaten.


And now it’s Friday.

We are dressing up in clothing similar to that worn 100 years ago. Remembering the start of world war 1 at our school. The Arty Fact Theatre Company visiting too.

I shall be Lady CrORRley at Stocktown Abbey!

Can’t wait.

Have an ORRsome day and let’s make it an even mORR ORRsome half term.

Be you. Be brilliant. Be ORRsome. Most of all, have fun.

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