What’s your dream holiday?

Sweet Dreams – sneaky peek!



Thanks to a wonderful group of dedicated teachers we are a very proud to be able to offer the Sweet Dreams diary.

In total, 43 teachers have contributed to creating this charity diary for 2015. They know each other from the Twitter teacher community and shared a desire to help children from under-privileged backgrounds to have the chance of going on a normal holiday with a parent, carer or guardian.

The inspiration to help underprivileged children go on holiday came from Keziah Featherstone @ChocoTzar, and then Carol Webb @CazzWebbo said, “let’s do a charity calendar!”, which then evolved into a diary. Carol then organised things to make it happen, leading the terrific teacher team that rallied round, and getting the diary into print.

The diary is A5 spiral bound, 62 pages, month to a page and follows the theme of ‘A Dream Holiday’, with each teacher posing to camera with a backdrop of their dream holiday.

Diaries are available to order NOW in return for a donation of £10 (including postage and packing).

The Launch Party
behind the diary are hosting a launch party on Friday 28th November in Manchester. They would really love your support to help celebrate this amazing achievement. To buy your ticket click here.

Talking about the diaries, Carol Webb commented “I’m so happy this idea has now become a reality! It took just three and a half months to get the diary into print: from idea to press. This is testimony to the amazing team spirit behind the venture, and all the generosity of those involved. Everybody had been totally brilliant! I hope lots more kids can go on holiday as a result. So please will you all buy a diary, buy them for gifts for family and friends this year, and ask around who wants to buy one that you know!”

Amanda Evans @HoopaDaisy
Amy Hayter (not on Twitter)
Andy Lewis @iTeachRE
Bev Kirk @Beverley_Kirk
Becky Wood @MrsRWood
Carol Webb @CazzWebbo
Carolyn O’Connor @Clyn40
Cherryl Drabble @CherrylKD
Chris Robinson @DearneALC
Claire Male @ClaireMBristol
Crista Hazell @CristaHazell
Dianne Murphy @ThinkReadTweet
Elizabeth Pickett @EducEap
Emily King @EKing90
Emma Kell @ThoseThatCan
Florence Kruczyk @KruczykFlorence
Glyn Potts @GlynYOGIPotts
Gwen Nelson @Gwenelope
Heather Leatt @HeatherLeatt
Heather Scott @HeathScottLeeds
Jay Virk @VirkJay
Jill Berry @JillBerry102
Jules Daulby @JulesDaulby
Julia Heathcote @Morphosaurus
Karen DW @KDWScience
Kate Bradley @KaBradders
Keziah Featherstone @ChocoTzar
Lisa Davies @LisieDavies
Lynne Moore @MooreLynne1
Maria Ortega Garcia @UrbanGypsy_Me
Mary Isherwood @MIshwood1
Nancy Gedge @NancyGedge
Rachel Jones @rlj1981
Rachel Orr @RachelOrr
Rachel Rossiter @RachelRossiter
Rory Gallagher @EddieKayshun
Ross McGill @TeacherToolkit
“Betsy Salt” @BetsySalt
Sarah Nouaux (not on Twitter)
Sarah Wright @MissWrightAtDCC
“Sing” @_SingSun
Stephen O’Callaghan @MrOCallaghanEdu
Vincent Lien @Fratribus

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