A week in my shoes 24th-30th May 2014


It’s Friday!

Half term week.

Been a bit of a mixed bag with the weather.


Big garden tidy up and putting in bedding plants ready for the summer.





Bank holiday Monday! On the hunt for a pressure washer to clean the stonework in my garden.
Lots of suggestions and recommendations given, especially for Karcher.
However, decided to go for a new model from Qualcast. Wattage and bars mORR powerful than any of the others.

Positive Mondays! Take some ‘me time’!




Sing rehearsal for a concert on Thursday. Whole programme of nostalgia and British song.

What a week it has been for ORRsome blog posts! Some brilliant reads from some great people.



Spent the day putting my head teacher’s report to governors together. It’s my third to date in this headship. Incredible to reflect on our journey. It’s all too easy to think about what hasn’t been achieved or what needs to be done next. We do need to stop and celebrate our successes too.


Concert time!

Lovely flowers after a lovely evening.



And now it’s Friday again.

How’s your week been?

Busy weekend ahead as it’s my Dad’s 89th birthday. Precious moments spent with family. Every day this week we have found time to for each other and the odd flute of Prosecco and pink fizz too.

So, I’ll be spending today finishing the garden (pressure washer time!) and getting 50 wine glasses together.

Bring in the weekend!

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