365 days in my shoes Day 338


Day four of advent

Midweek grammar quips, quirks, quotes and pics.


My mum often retells the tale of a very old friend leaving a multi-storey car park. As she and her husband approached the ticket machine she turned and asked for some money for a ‘farking pee’.

Some spoonerisms end up being totally meaningless and others can often raise an eyebrow.

Have you any favourites?

Keep it clean!

fighting a liar.
lighting a fire

you hissed my mystery lecture
you missed my history lecture

cattle ships and bruisers
battle ships and cruisers

nosey little cook
cosy little nook

a blushing crow
a crushing blow

tons of soil
sons of toil

our queer old Dean
our dear old Queen

we’ll have the hags flung out
we’ll have the flags hung out

you’ve tasted two worms
you’ve wasted two terms

our shoving leopard
our loving shepherd

a half-warmed fish
a half-formed wish

know your blows
blow your nose

go and shake a tower
go and take a shower

tease my ears
ease my tears

nicking your pose
picking your nose

you have very mad banners.
you have very bad manners

lack of pies
pack of lies

it’s roaring with pain
it’s pouring with rain

sealing the hick
healing the sick

pit nicking
nit picking

bowel feast
foul beast

I’m a damp stealer
I’m a stamp dealer

hypodemic nurdle
hypodermic needle

wave the sails
save the whales

chipping the flannel on TV.
flipping the channel on TV

mad bunny
bad money

I’m shout of the hour
I’m out of the shower

lead of spite
speed of light

I hit my bunny phone
I hit my funny bone

flutter by

bedding wells
wedding bells

I must mend the sail
I must send the mail

it crawls through the fax.
it falls through the cracks

my zips are lipped
my lips are zipped

bat flattery
flat battery

would you like a nasal hut?
would you like a hazel nut?

belly jeans
jelly beans

eye ball
bye all

fight in your race
right in your face

ready as a stock
steady as a rock

no tails
toe nails

hiss and lear
listen here

soul of ballad
bowl of salad

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