365 days in my shoes Day 333


It’s Friday. Three mORR weeks. Can’t believe where this term has gone.

TGIF God, it’s Friday. Thanks! = GIFT!



Lovely quiet weekend after an amazing week beforehand. So nice to spend time pottering and also having some down time.


Christmas production rehearsals well under way now. Kids are loving singing the Christmas songs.


Whole school worship in church today with Reverend Paul. The children were reminded about words, what we say and how we say things. Rev Paul invited one child to squeeze the entire contents of a tube of toothpaste onto a saucer and then asked if they could put it all back again.
When words come out of our mouths it is impossible to put them back, especially if they have hurtful or harmful. Any word can leave a footprint upon our memory and our heart.
An unkind word or a kind word said face to face between two people is only heard by those two people. Equally, words spoken online via social media can have the same effect but the footprint can never be erased even if the comment is deleted, the hurt and harm can be even greater as it can be viewed by a far greater group of people.
Think like the tube of toothpaste and be careful what you squeeze out of your mouths.

Ended the day catching up with my previous head teacher and another good friend, chatted, had a bit to eat and laughed.


Wednesday grammar quips, quirks, quotes and pics.
The palindrome – Today, Friday is 13.12.13!


I simply love selecting amazing blog posts to read for Thursday’s posting. So many fab ones from which to choose.



Today is Friday. In three weeks’ time we break up for Christmas. Today I have been in post 11 weeks. Where has the time gone? What have we done during my time as HT in school and what have I enabled us to achieve through effective leadership?

We are full on in the throes of Christmas. Listening to the children singing all over school is incredible. I love it.

Here’s to an amazing weekend. I can’t wait for Sunday as advent has to be one of my most favourite times of the year. December first also happens to fall on advent Sunday. I shall be putting up my Christmas decorations, adverts calendars and all things sparkly and glittery!

Bring on the weekend.


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