365 days in my shoes Day 302


I love my job as head teacher. It’s the best job in the world for me. It’s challenging and can take me in and out of my comfort zone regularly. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This is for all head teachers out there!

I feel very privileged to have an amazing network of head teachers both via twitter and in my immediate cluster of schools. The support, ideas and inspiration is brilliant.

The role of head teacher can often be seen as a very lonely position, however, through the power of twitter, one is very rarely alone. The response is immediate and incredibly empowering. I love it. There are so many HTs on twitter who give willingly of their time no matter how busy their own schedule may be. They do this without hesitation and without question. I am privileged to be supported by such an ORRsome team. Thank you. I hope that there are occasions where I am able to reciprocate too.

So, this is for you because you’re worth it!

An ode to all head teachers!

Here’s to all head teachers,
Enabling staff to grow,
You lead and shape the vision,
Sharing what you know.

Oh to be outstanding,
This is what we dream,
Working hard together,
We really are a team.

A team that will hear
Every word that you screech,
Every day of your life,
For as long as you teach.

Climb the league tables,
Assess high and low,
Track your students daily,
Testing what they know.

A team that believes
They can really succeed,
Give them care and support,
For as long as you lead.

Here’s to all head teachers,
Who go the extra mile,
Although OFSTED is looming,
Don’t forget to smile.

SMILE! It confuses others and makes them wonder what you’re up to!

2 thoughts on “365 days in my shoes Day 302

  1. Thanks Rachel! I am a DHT hopefully soon to be HT and spent yesterday with my HT doing Pupil Progress Meetings until at 1.30pm we received an email telling us that the person who was supposed to be starting on Jan 6th as a Y3 teacher could not take up the appointment. We had had real problems recruiting in the first place and had taken a gamble on someone in New Zealand – phone interviews etc. The devastation at hearing 30 little ones would be without a teacher was hard hitting! But we picked ourselves up and within 30 mins were on the phones contacting everyone we could think of. When I got home I tweeted and the Twitter machine kicked into action – over 50 retweets of my plea for help already!! Everything your poem says reflects my HT – she is amazing and my inspiration! Hopefully we will find someone – probably not before we break up at 2pm today but we’ll cope. It IS all about the team and keeping smiling – just want staff to break up for their holidays with peace of mind. If we are smiling they usually are too! Have a fantastic Christmas! And thanks for all your warm encouraging words this year!

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