365 days in my shoes Day 270


It’s Friday again. Where has this week gone?

Today marks the end of the fourth week back and my 19th day in post. I find it incredible to believe how much we’ve done as a school in such a short space of time.


Saturday marked an amazing first – climbing up to the roof of the Sage Gateshead and walking on top of hall one.


The views were spectacular.


Monday marked the start of a full week focusing on Roald Dahl.

EYFS/KS1 began writing a shared story using our class blogs.

KS2 pupils began their shared story too with comments coming in from far and wide.

I am proud to say we are a blogging school.



The buzz throughout school this week is ORRsome. Every class is studying a different Roald Dahl story. The creativity everywhere is amazing.


I was on the receiving end of a cup of FROBSCOTTLE from year four. It did taste better than it looked.

It was shortly followed by other concoctions made by those studying George’s Marvellous Medicine too.



Today we all dressed up as characters from Roald Dahl stories and had an amazing day. All the staff choses Tories to read and the children signed up to listen to their favourite.




Today is photograph day at school. Thankfully it wasn’t yesterday! Lol

Bring on the weekend. A week ago I was walking on the roof of hall one. Tomorrow I shall be singing in hall one.

Have an ORRsome weekend.

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