365 days in my shoes Day 269


This week in my new school we have been blogging together. A shared story etc…

I can’t resist the selfish but equally unselfish blog as it from my kids. Actually, as we would say at school, from our kids…….

Overall school blogs http://htrblogs.net

We have been working on two shared stories with EYFS/KS1 and also KS1. Please read, RT or add comment.

It is a work in progress and one for kids!!!!!

EYFS and KS1 shared story:-
Part one Orange class http://orange.htrblogs.net/2013/09/23/a-shared-story-by-rosehill-children/

Part 2 yellow class http://yellow.htrblogs.net/2013/09/23/a-shared-story-by-rosehill-children-part-two/

Part 3 green class http://green.htrblogs.net/2013/09/24/a-shared-story-by-rosehill-children-part-three/

Part 4 blue class http://blue.htrblogs.net/2013/09/25/a-shared-story-by-rosehill-childrenpart-four/

The story isn’t finished yet as other classes are continuing to write today……

KS2 story writings cross the school:-

Y5 Moonstone http://moonstone.htrblogs.net/2013/09/23/school-story-chapter1/

Y3 crimson http://crimson.htrblogs.net/2013/09/23/our-school-story-ks2-chapter-2/

Y4 indigo http://indigo.htrblogs.net/2013/09/24/school-shared-story-ks2-chapter-3/

Y6 magenta http://magenta.htrblogs.net/2013/09/24/our-school-story-chapter-4/

Y5 tangerine http://tangerine.htrblogs.net/2013/09/25/our-school-story-ks2-chapter-5/

Y3 emerald http://emerald.htrblogs.net/2013/09/25/our-school-story-chapter-6/

The story is still on-going with other classes continuing to write today.

Please add comments as the children would absolutely love it.

HOWEVER, I couldn’t let the week glass without other fab blogs,

Learning by making via Steve Wheeler @timbuckteeth

Teacher expert/cynic via @huntingenglish Alex Quigley

Via Andrew Old

Teacher do not need to be afraid of twitter via @chickenplymouth

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