365 days in my shoes Day 243


Blink and you miss it!

Twitter feeds move so quickly and it’s very easy to miss some amazing, amusing and inspiring tweets.

I’ve found it easier to save some of the ones I love. These probably hit your timeline too if you follow these people or receive RTs from those who do.

Via @scjmcd @truan_steve

Dylan Wiliam – booked on a course in September to see Dylan, can’t wait.

@dylanwiliam: Interesting comparison of secondary mathematics curricula in England, Singapore and Alberta: http://t.co/l61hxRfXQu (pdf)

John Tomsett ‘sunning’ himself at the DfE

@RachelOrr: “@headguruteacher: @johntomsett in a DFE waiting room… http://t.co/Sdg8pkxcCY”

Newspaper strategically placed? Lol

@headguruteacher: @HeadsRoundtable meeting with Michael Gove focused on accountability and curriculum http://t.co/gvRD3k756o

Using Facebook in school

Chris Harte on triptico
@charte: If there is one resource which will make your teaching life better this year, it is Triptico Plus http://t.co/oRfe39w5jr #worthweightingold

Via @magicalmaths
‘Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.’ Aristotle

Babbage Bear – SKYDIVNG
@chickensaltash: RT @tesEdTech: Ready, teddy, go
Babbage the bear recreates skydiving world record

7 habits of highly effective tech teachers via @Primary_Ed

@Primary_Ed: 7 habits of highly effective tech teachers http://t.co/nugTAz6ep1 #ukedchat #edchat #edtech #satchat


Via @RealGeoffBarton
@RealGeoffBarton: Clever and charming: @MustSeeShorts: Watch a black and white forest be painted into colour except for one panda. http://t.co/vUhdMALqFI

Interactive maths journals via TES Australia
@websofsubstance: Get your glue out RT @tesAustralia “Could this work in your classroom? Interactive maths journals – http://t.co/BrHezR6jIW”


Avoid the mood Hoover!


@geckogirl77: @RachelOrr Have a blast! I 💓 our biannual New Years! A friend @SkinnyMammoth taught me yrs ago 2 avoid Mood Hoovers. http://t.co/9UGxhu1jwN

Via @magicalmaths

Loved this from Super Work
@Super_Work: Very possibly the worst case of spelling I’ve ever seen. http://t.co/AsexA8Iz6C

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