365 days in my shoes Day 242


It’s Friday!

It’s my last Friday still officially in the capacity of head teacher at Shotton. Becoming very real now that This weekend marks the end and a beginning.

So, it’s the end of the final week of the summer holiday break. Where has the time gone?

What did this week have in store for you?


The highlight of my weekend was a huge celebration with friends. The occasion was the new job. The weather was kind and we were able to be outside the entire time. I don’t think I have ever washed so many wine glasses ahead of a party and afterwards.


It was an event planned well ahead, so it was pleasing to be able to put the giant ice bucket on the table.

Fun all round! Wonderful day.






Naturally, the heels had to match the theme!



Bank holiday Monday!


I am a Downton Abbey fan and in between tweeting, sorting school e-paperwork for SSE and SIP, several episodes of series one played away in the background.


Spent a great morning with the assistant director of education to the diocese for my new school. We’re planning an exciting training programme for our governing body. It’s all very exciting and I’m sure governors will find it very productive.

It was also a day of spending time focusing on my golf balls!


I hope you have found time for your golf balls too.


Wednesdays plans changed within the first hour of the day starting. My hair appointment for Saturday clashed with my tickets for the T20 England v Australia which is taking place in my home town at the same ground as the 4th Ashes test.

I have a fab hair stylist who offered to fit me in as long as I did mind a little wait and watching a colour shampoo enhancer demonstration. I couldn’t refuse. Fiery copper redhead once more.

I don’t post these pics often.


E_gran, @theheadsoffice and I had tweeted during the week our pet hates of mispronounced words and those words which people use incorrectly. Resulted in such fun!



Most of Thursday was spent working on our governor training programme. I was interspersed with some pleasant distractions which were necessary as I found myself frozen in the ‘laptop position’ where my shoulders had that annoying ache. Pleasant and unexpected moments always add something extra to a day. It was a very productive day with some tweaks to finish in the morning.

Also shared some of my favourite blog posts of the week. There were some ORRsome ones this week. Getting harder to choose so sometimes they all appear!



And, of course, now it is Friday.

My last Friday as Head Teacher at Shotton Primary. T minus 2 days and then it’s official.

As well as closing one door to Shotton and a new door about to open for Holy Trinity Rosehill, it’s been a week to clear out the clutter too. Not the physical clutter of possessions etc… But the mental and emotional clutter. Wonderful feeling and enables a really great start to a new school, new academic year, new term and new first day!



The sun is shining brightly this morning. Hitting the laptop and iPad again to finish a few little bits and pieces. Tomorrow is the cricket T20. So looking forward to that.

Have a wonderful Friday whatever you do and I hope it is filled with lots of pleasant and unexpected moments!

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