365 days in my shoes Day 27


Recent posts have included some ideas for maths.

I’d like to share further maths ideas and resources. All can be downloaded from TES.

When my staff are planning, I insist that any planning is always for the teacher. It has to make sense to the teacher and be of value to the teacher.

Planning is not for me. Nor is it for any external agency. Planning is for the teacher. A tool to organise what is to be taught, learned and how it will happen.

I have always found it hard to follow someone else’s planning whenever I have been covering lessons. I’d much rather be given a set of learning aims than a series of tasks.

Having said that, I still feel it is important to know a series of lessons can be planned thoroughly and be focused upon learning, reflecting, evaluating and targeting progress and improvement.

I drafted maths planning grids for TES when the National Strategy for maths first came to the fore.

Below are links to these documents which are outline plans for every year group, block/unit. Each plan encompasses 2 weeks and shows key vocabulary and prior learning.

They do not indicate activities as this is not possible for any generic plan.

It is important that teachers focus upon the learning first and then how they are going to enable that learning to happen.

Too often activities can get in the way of learning and teachers can be too focused upon the task rather than what it is they want children to learn.

When giving feedback after lesson obs, I always focus upon what I want the children to:-
be able to do
apply etc…. and THEN how I am going to make that happen.

Feel free to use the plans, adopt, adapt, tweak and make your own. Planning is for you and no-one else!

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

2 thoughts on “365 days in my shoes Day 27

  1. This was always a bone of contention with my last year group partner. I need ownership of my planning and I know my class as well. What might work in one would not necessarily work as well in another. It was not about saving me time but getting the best way for my children to learn.

    • Planning has to be for the teacher. We all have our own ways of mapping out learning. I would rather plan lessons when I’m covering than follow someone’s plans. Learning has to be key and then followed by task and action.

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