365 days in my shoes Day 10

Day 10

Do the right shoes really matter?

What do shoes say about a person?

What do your shoes say about you?

What do my shoes say about me?

I tend to wear shoes designed by Doc Marten, Irregular Choice, Iron Fist, Fly and Pleaser! I wonder what they say about my character, personality, teaching and leadership?

Doc Martens :- The robust, everlasting, firmly grounded, secure persona.

Irregular Choice :- The quirky, unusual, rather mad, daring to be different persona.

Iron Fist :- The determined, gutsy, feisty, headstrong persona.

Fly :- The freedom, being free, soaring high, taking risks persona.

Pleaser :- The, well, we all need a little pampering every now and again! To please and be pleased persona!

Walking on the moon – The Police

Having blogged for 12 consecutive days about The 12 Shoes of Christmas – https://highheelsandhighnotes.wordpress.com/category/shoes-shoes-shoes/ – and received quite a varied response, I wondered what my shoes really do say about me.

Perhaps I give the impression that I only ever wear heels. Far from it. I do love my shoes and have a walk in cupboard especially for them.
I do, however, wear shoes to fit the purpose of the task, to suit my mood and they do have an effect upon the way I feel and walk.

Take a walk on the wild side – Lou Reed

A baker’s dozen of shoes and boots!!!!!




Wellies – Perhaps these convey the feeling of being out of my depth sometimes in this role, in deep water, and yet, keeping high and dry, walking through anything, in the proverbial shit – some people say they’re always in the shit and that it’s only the depth that varies.

Always look on the bright side of life! – Monty Python




Gortex walking boots – These indicate I am robust, strong and determined. I will persevere. I am climbing the ladder towards success. I am supportive and provide stability.
Nancy Sinatra – these boots are made for walking.




Red glitter stilettos – My DORRothy heels – Do these signify the ‘me time’? The end of the day, no place like home?
Over the rainbow – Judy Garland



Russian Doll shoes – I feel these reflect the spring in my step! I invite you to join me and I find you dancing. We all need to be uplifted, buoyant and upBeatles!!!

Beatles – back in the USSR



day 4

Spiral black suede heels – These have the velvety smooth nap of suede leather with a twist – life is never along a straight road – @kevbartle’s recent blog about Just around the riverbend  http://dailygenius.wordpress.com/2013/01/08/just-around-the-riverbend/ – you will hit the rough with the smooth velvet and twist and turn never knowing what is around the corner.

Let’s Twist Again – Chubby Checker



Fitflops – N’er cast a clout until May is out. As soon as I can I love my toes French polished and out in the open. I spend most of my summer in these until it is time to put closed in shoes on again. My feet are free. I love to spread my wings. It’s about being able to let go and take a risk.
Flying without wings – Westlife




Red and black heels – Sometimes we have to work hard to achieve goals, to make sure everyone is noticed and recognised.   Heads will turn. It’s about being highly visible to all stakeholders and ensuring you have a presence – a strong presence showing persuasion power and not position power.
Jim Clemmer – leadership is about persuasion power and not position power.
Let’s Dance  – Bowie


day 5

Purple suede glitter heel – Everyone needs to have that extra bit of sparkle – opportunity to shine!
Pink  – Glitter in the air




Green glitter heels – all out in your face sparkle – I am what I am and I am damn good at my job – spend a day in my shoes and you’ll know. Time to stand and absorb it all, observe and take it all in (after all I can’t walk all day long in these!)
Rebecca Ferguson – Glitter and Gold



pink boots

Pink patent leather boots – I can’t be anything other than quirky beacuse it’s fun – the need to reflect my own style and be totally imbalance and balanced with feet securely on the ground – ish!

Kinky boots – Patrick MacNee and Honor Blackman




Trainers – More me time! It’s about my well-being. Reflects the pace of my life and my work,  coupled with security, strength, balance, mindset! Driven and focused!

High heel sneakers – Tommy Tucker




DM heels – I am steadfast in my beliefs. I will never compromise on quality for our children. That is always non-negotiable. DMs are strident, determined, clear cut, no messing, business like!
Walk this way – RUN DMC/Aerosmith




Louboutin – my one and only ever pair – makes them unique. I am me. I am what I am. I am enough. (these cost enough, but I am worth it!!!)

I am what I am – Gloria Gaynor


What do your shoes say about you?

We all need to walk tall as well as have out feet firmly rooted!

But best of all we need to make sure every day we are walking on sunshine – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPUmE-tne5U

2 thoughts on “365 days in my shoes Day 10

  1. I can remember the staff at one school letting me know their thoughts on the suitability of the candidates for a post through their shoes so yes- they are v important. They are also a mood changer. In my heels (tiny compared to yours!) I feel v grown up & professional.

  2. I am loving your blogs, thank you! I used to be a chiropodist before becoming a teacher so I always notice shoes!!! I’m afraid to say I have to stick
    to comfy shoes so have heel envy 🙂

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