365 days in my shoes. Day 1

365 days in my shoes. Day 1

Happy New Year, it’s 2013.

As a result of receiving a fabulous calendar with a photo per day of amazing shoes. I decided to post the photo daily on twitter.

The shoes do the talking. They talk about where I have been; what I did; what I saw; what I heard and how I felt.

It is a brand new year and no doubt will be filled with amazing challenges. Today often seems to herald the countdown to the return to work. For me, that’s Monday 7th January 2013 and most certainly will be similar for others in the profession.

So what did today bring for me?
From the moment midnight struck up until first footing my parents, I was on a mission. It was mission I’m possible!!! New year, new day, same me with more drive and passion for life than ever.

Those of you who follow me on twitter know I love singing (opera in particular) as well as going to the gym. As a brittle asthmatic, any attack could put me in hospital. Hence the drive to keep well. Asthma is not an illness or a disease – it is just a way of life. I find people often use it as an excuse to avoid the cold, the damp, anything to ‘get out of doing something’. They have to get out of that mindset otherwise, they will end up living their own self-fulfilling prophecy.
I treated myself (because I’m worth it!) to an iPad for Christmas. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
Used my gym’s APP to find out opening times. It was great to discover my gym was open today.

It was incredibly quite. Ipod strapped to my left arm, I selected the playlist for today. A complete mishmash of tunes, many of which had come from twitterings of 70s night, best dance songs, ELO, Billy Joel, ABBA, Robert Palmer and of course, Gloria Gaynor. Plus, for me, lots of Freddie and Bowie. I set off on the treadmill, cranked the gradient up as high as I felt able to pound following the champers and revelling of the night before. I was off – it was my world.

First track on the playlist affirmed that – Gloria Gaynor, I am what I am. I love this track, so uplifting and smiley inducing! I was in own little world and totally unaware of anyone in the room. This was ‘me time’! Freddie ensured the treadmill speed increased with Don’t Stop Me Now and Bowie with Let’s Dance.

The music invites me to dance upon the treadmill. The right piece of music, the perfect tempo, amazing rhythm and fab words really do make all the difference. I find myself so focused that you are totally unaware of anyone else around you.

Today I lost it and did something I had managed to keep under control up until now. I joined in with Gloria for her big ending of I am what I am – it was out of my mouth before I knew it! I often choose to use the same treadmill. It’s one of four that face outside. By day you can watch the comings and goings of those visiting the gym. By night you only see your reflection in the glass. I was looking outside; it was quiet, right? I said that at the start. How wrong could I be! I turned round to see if anyone had noticed – big mistake! Huge! (as Julia Roberts would say) The sea of faces in front of me were full of smiles. One even gave me a round of applause. I quickly grabbed the antibacterial spray, handful of tissue and turned back to wipe down the treadmill. Disposing of the tissue in the bin and refilling my water bottle, I sneaked a glance in the long mirrors, still smiles and my face as flushed as ever! Can you imagine what would have happened had I been playing Verdi’s La Traviata!

Because I am in my own little world, I find the gym is a place where there is a lot of time for reflection.

Today has been quiet. A real day for reflection. Time for me to reflect upon who I am; what I am and what I want to be. There will be some things over which I will take complete control as well as those that I do not need to control. Equally, there will be things which I cannot anticipate, drive, direct or comprehend.

Having studied Latin at A level, there are some phrases you never forget.

“Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes.”

It is foolish to fear what we cannot avoid.

These will all shape my 2013 year as I move forward with myself as me, myself as a leader, myself for others. It’s not about waiting to get started – I have started!!!

Today I aim to learn more than I did yesterday and even more tomorrow.

Good, better, best! Never let it rest until your good is better and your better, best!

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